Sunday, 27 October 2013

Joy ride from mount lavinia to Mirissa

On an eve of Christmas we decided to away to Sri Lanka to celebrate our holiday fest to a coast of Sri Lanka as we had made the plan early before an arrival of a Christmas. we were very excited to explore Sri lanka as we already had a brilliant plan and we were good with our research like where to stay what to do so set your way to a land of beauty.

It was on 22nd of December when we landed to an international airport of Sri Lanka where we had to go through a little check from a section of immigration than outside a cab was waiting for us to ride to our hotel mount lavinia a beautiful resort down at Sri Lanka.

A serene ambiance at a beach front of Colombo a luxurious five star hotel of Mount Lavinia was just an art of brilliance, filled with all the essential amenities an interior inside was just magnificent and prolific.

Living legacy made by an art of British colonial heritage a moment we enter there all we could see was a comfort running up and above and what made our venture more delightful was a train to Mirissa. We already had that preliminary vision in our head to catch a train and take a joy ride to Mirissa from Lavinia front.

A night there was very comfortable and an assistant there were very helpful he gave us an idea to catch a train from Lavinia to Mirissa and also suggested a bus fair would be cheap but we were so planned to take a joy ride of train so we stick with it and after breakfast left for a Mirissa.

We hoped into first local train and headed towards Mirissa a beautiful beach a pristine environment has an engulfing motion of beach and looks like nature blossoms here, a comfy ride from lavinia after an hours of ride and beautiful ambiance through every passage we finally stop by the way of Mirissa, a beautiful and exquisite beach of Sri lanka.

You could even look for a bus but a journey from bus if you have a bag of luggage’s than it could be a hectic ride since it is around 150 km away from a town of Colombo a joy ride of train would be a comfortable ask for you, so as we did and enjoyed all the beauty of Mirissa and all the places that leaded us to Mirissa.

You would get an ample of train to Mirissa from Colombo so to get a ticket for Mirissa beach it’s not a huge ask all you require to do is get in touch with a reviews, a moment we enter into a coast of Mirissa we witness a white velvet of sand and a fringe of coconut was all about beauty.

We spend our leisure moment at the beach of Mirissa and returned home with a delightful memory to find a place where you could drink your thirst.

So this year plan a vacation to Sri Lanka and tae a joy ride from Colombo to Mirissa.

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