Dambulla is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Srilanka. Known for its historic cave temple and archaeological importance, Dambulla has some of the fascinating scenes a tourist wishes to see. Situated in the Matale district, Dambulla is at a distance of 72 Kms from Kandy, which is yet another beautiful city for a tourist. The picturesque Isle of Srilanka cannot provide much better scenes than what it has to its array right now.  

Dambulla Tourism Attractions:

Dambulla has a range of amusements for the eager tourist. The caves are the most beautiful and ancient standings of Dambulla. Those caves were used by monks during their meditation and an air of relaxation dwells there. The cave temple is preserved as such and it is a historic complex. Standing tall at 160 meters over the highlands, the cave temple is the largest and most beautiful of all in the Island nation. Other caves adding to about 80 can also be seen in the premises which include Cave temple and Golden temple. Architectural grace in the form of statues and paintworks can be seen in 5 of the surrounding temples. The scent of Buddhism in Srilanka can be under stood from the paintings and architectures in the caves since they all project his life and path. 

The international stadium at Dambulla is famous as it was a quick finish by the contract workers in less than 170 days.  A Quartz mountain range which is said to be about 500 million years old and an Iron wood forest makes Dambulla quite interesting among tourists. The town is located near the heart of Srilanka and that is the main reason why it is a known distribution location for vegetables and other goods to other parts of the country.



 How to Reach Dambulla:



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Dambulla is not at all hard to reach and all the major modes of transport support to and fro traffic from Dambulla. 

By Air:


Srilankan Airlines will help you to Katunayaka where the Bandaranaike International Terminal is located. The airport is roughly an hour drive from Colombo. Once you land the flight, local transport will help you reach Dambulla. 


By Sea:


Galle, Colombo and Trincomalee are the three ports of Srilanka and they offer seamless travel through the bluish waters of Srilanka.





By Rail:


The nearest railway station of Dambulla is Negama railway station. Inside the country, you can freely cruise through districts with the help of railways. Almost all the prominent districts have their railway stations which make the whole journey a walk in the park.




By Road:  


Bus services and means of public transport like, rickshaws and cabs help you reach your destination without a lot of calculation. Dambulla is very easy to reach once you set your foot on Srilanka. The whole transport system in the country works like a charm and there is nothing to be worried of.

An Island full of fascinations awaits you, so don’t miss time and get set to visit Dambulla............... 


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