Beruwela is located about 55 km from Colombo, the capital city of Srilanka. Beruwela is known as a fishing village which kept its charisma all the way when modernity tried to shadow it. The beach of Beruwela is an exciting option among tourists. The climatic conditions of Beruwela changes a bit during the months of April and September as the area receives a small amount of shower.

 The beaches of Beruwela are open round the clock during October to March.  The town has an array of interesting features which relates it to fishing community and it substantiates the meaning of its name, which means a place where the sail is lowered. The city center of Beruwela is well known for its collection of rare goods, mostly antiquefor sales among travellers.  The town of Beruwela is the starting point of the southern coast of the nation.


Beruwela Tourism Attractions:


Beruwela is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Srilanka. Major tourist attractions of Beruwela are China Fort, Kachimalai Mosque, Beruwela Lighthouse, Galapata Temple and Beruwela Beaches.

China Fort is the historical and financial symbol of Srilanka. China fort is the gem trading beauty of Beruwela, attracts thousands of tourist around the world. 

Kachimalai Mosque is the oldest Islamic mosque in Srilanka. This Mosque built on a rock which gives beautiful view of Indian Ocean.  This historical location gives the valuable information of arrival of Moors in the eleventh century. 

Beruwela Lighthouse is built in the Barberyan Island by British in 1928. It’s one of the four International lighthouses in Srilanka. This structure has 38 meters height and divided into 5
Stories, each of them consist of 2 windows. Visitors are not allowed to the Lighthouse.

Galapata Temple is a Buddhist temple built in 21th century. It’s one of the major tourist and historical destinations in Beruwela.

Beruwela Beaches are famous for their golden sands. Beruwela provides beach activites like water scooter riding, surfing, para-sailing, Deep sea fishing and Coral reef diving.

How to Reach Beruwela:


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Beruwela  is an easily approachable place by Air, Rail and by Road. The bus station and railway station of Beruwela is located near the City Center itself making it convenient for tourists to get to the town without wastage of time.

By Air:

Beruwela is very much an accessible location with an approachable distance separating it from the International airport of Srilanka known as the Bandaranaike International Airport. You have to travel 75 Kms for reaching the Srilanka International airport and it is the nearest airport to Beruwela.   

By Rail:

The railways also help you in your quest to reach Beruwela hassle free.  Colombo and Matara are the source and destination points for railway services. Approachability by train is quite difficult as the station of Beruwela is not that developed and popular. But still the train makes an even visit to Beruwela during the day.

By Road: 

 The motor path named A2 which extends from Colombo to Galle can be used up for reaching Beruwela. Buses and local vehicles ply to and from Beruwela taking tourists and goods to other markets. Close to the supermarket in Beruwela you can spot the bus station. Frequent buses connect Beruwela to other cities. Cabs and rickshaws provide local traffic and it is a necessary due to the humid climate out there.

Make sure you check Beruwela during your tour map preparation.....................


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